The events in India

Poetry reading for refugee on Wolrd poetry day (21th March)

By Rati Saxena, Kritya

Kritya, a literary trust from India joined the word poetry event “A Poem For Refugees” on 21 March 2016 along with WPM and all other important organizations of the world.

Kritya organized the event in the five cities of India, From North most to south with the support of our friends.

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India - Jammu.

1. The first event was organized by SANMUKH Displaced writers forum from Jammu, the organizer poet Agnishekhar  a number of poets and poetry lovers took part, as most of poets suffered the pain of leaving their own land, so this day was very close to their life. Most of the poets like Agnishekhar, Brijnath Betab, Maharaj Krishn Santoshi, kshama kowl, Nirmal Vinod, Aruna sharma, Yogita Yadav and Veena Pandit Etc, read thier poems and also discussed on the theme.

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2. The second even took part in the Bagbahara, In Chattisgarh, Organized by Sankalp Sahitya Manch alon with Kritya and WPM. This is a small town with lots of powerful poets and writers. They read not only their poetry but the poetry around the world on the given theme,

Most of them were expresing of the pain of Refugees

The organiner Rajat Krishna him self is a poet. said, though our body, which we see with life are not less than dead, better are they who get at least cufin in his own place.

* * * 

3. In the Delh the poetry reading was organized By Meraki , at India Get by organizer Rashmi Bhardwaj.  the place for poetry reading was chosen as India get,  where a number of young poets and poetry lovers read poetry. I am sure that the visitors at India get also became the part of the pain and suffering of the people, for whom these poets were reading.

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4. The forth Poetry reading held in Palakkad 

World Poetry Day (with the running theme of Refugees) was celebrated on 21st March, 2016, in the sleepy town of Palakkad, jointly by the District Library. Palakkad and the WPM. Mr. T.R.Ajayan (for the Library) and Ra Sh and Niranjan TG, poets, (for the WPM), acted as the facilitators.  The programme was inaugurated by Mr. Radhakrishnan Nair, art critic. Mr. T.R. Ajayan presided.The programme was well attended by over 50 people in the audience. 16 poets recited their own poems or translations. Beginning the proceedings, Ra Sh explained briefly the history and mission of the WPM and how its network now operates in more than hundred countries with thousand plus poets participating. He explained the importance of the Day and how it was enhanced by the choice of the theme `Refugees.’ He also explained how, apart from the cities, a small town like Palakkad has found a place on the map of WPM, thanks to Rati Saxena and Kritya.

Anvar Ali recited his own poem addressed to a Palestine Refugee titled Naila Omar.  P. Raman presented the Malayalam translation of Arabian poet Zadi Yousef’s six poems. P.N. Gopi Krishnan presented translations of two poems by Basil Fernando, a Sri Lankan poet. Ra Sh presented his translation of the poem Borders Away by Bengali writer Sahana Mukherji dedicated to Agha Shahid Ali, the famous refugee poet from Kashmir known for his poem `A Country without a post office.’ Following this, the poets Jyothibai Paryadath, Subhadra Satheeshan, M.P.Pavithra, Indu N.R, Sushama Bindu, Jayakrishnan Vallappuzha, Murali Mankara, Rajesh Nanniyangode, Shankuntala, Ajith and Thiagarajan recited their own poems.

* * * 

5. Kritya organized a poetry reading with a difference  – street poetry

A poetry reading on the occasion of world poetry day and international day against racism was held at Manaveeyam Vedhi , Vellayalmbalam. The theme was REFUGEE. It was organized by Kritya Trust headed by Dr.Rati Saxena. Poets in Malayalam ,English and Hindi read their poems.

Acclaimed folk artist Jayachandran Kadambanad graced the occasion with his lyrical rendering of Tagore’s songs and some iconic poems of Kadaminatta Ramakrishnan like the “barbarian” and “The Tribal woman”. His lyrical recital laced with the green of the vernacular did strike a chord with the audience. He runs a band of folk artists touring the state of Kerala in rhyme and rhythm.

Some of other poets were –Dr.Sigma GR,Sarala Ramkamal, Chandramohan S and others.









της Rati Saxena


Ήρθαν σε τούτη τη γη

λες μέσω θαλάσσης, όπως ο άνεμος

κολλάει στα δοκάρια, όπως η αντάρα

σ’ ένα πρωινό με υγρασία

κάπου κοντά στον ισημερινό

όπως τα ζωύφια ένα βροχερό βράδυ

πετούν προς το φως,

βρήκαν καταφύγιο σ’ αυτό το μέρος

με τον τρόπο που οι σφήκες φωλιάζουν σε τρύπες

σε παλιές ξύλινες πόρτες, ή όπως γράμμα

με λάθος διεύθυνση σε ταχυδρομικό κουτί

ή ανεπιθύμητα ιμέιλ στο inbox,

βρήκαν καταφύγιο σε τούτη τη γη

με τον τρόπο που τα παγάκια επιπλέουν σε ποτήρι με χυμό,

όπως χάρτινοι αετοί σφιχταγκαλιασμένοι

πάνω απ’ τα ερείπια κτιρίων,

επιστρέφουν κάθε βράδυ

μέσα από βαλτώδη μονοπάτια

τα ίχνη τους χαράζουν με τελείες το χώμα

όπως χήνες που προσκρούουν η μια στην άλλη, όπως η πείνα

πεισματάρα όσο η μαυρισμένη στάχτη

κολλημένη στον πάτο κατσαρόλας,

ένα βήμα πίσω

για φαΐ ένα μπροστά,

εξαφανίζονται σε τούτη τη χώρα

που δεν τους ανήκει.
[διαβάστε το ποίημα και στα αγγλικά]




by Rati Saxena


They came to this land

as if by sea, the way wind

clings to spar, like the dew

on a humid morning

somewhere near the equator

or the way moths on a rainy evening

fly towards the light,

they took shelter in this place

the way wasps nest in the holes

of old wooden doors, or a letter

with a wrong address in a post office box

or unwanted email in an inbox,

they settled in this land

the way ice floats in a glass of juice,

like kites holding tight to the ruins

of buildings,

they return each night

by marshy paths where

their footprints stipple the land

like goose bumps, their hunger

stubborn as the blackened ash

stuck to the bottom of a pan,

one step backward

to lurch one forward

they disappear into the land

that does not belong to them.


[read the poem also in greek]

A poem for refugees – Global map of participant cities

More that 30 cities around the world have already joined the word poetry event “A Poem For Refugees” on 21 March 2016.

To see the exact locations, click on the interactive map or on the image below.

More details will follow, concerning the events organized in each city.

If you are interested in organizing a similar event in your city, you may contact Poets Circle in Greece at info @