by Ayo Ayoola

i speak, i speak,

i speak by the glow of the moonlight

Where is that nonsense?

Where is that sense?                                                                                                                                                                 I was born when the sun sang

I saw starkly like an open flower

before the heat came down my mind came down.

i speak, i speak,

i speak words like waterfall

and the days go blind,

and hearts go deaf

The earth is my body,

so i worship bubbles and waited

for a blissful undisturbed sense.

i speak, i speak,

i speak like my flesh

i have learned to smell burnt words.

that hit upon my heart

yet my face laughs like hyena

And yours like a drain

sitting in the sky as

blue as a swimming pool

My sense runs nowhere

I speak, i speak

I speak like the sunrise

At dawn, life is on the whole

sense and nonsense

and at dusk nothing absolutely nothing.

My head ran everywhere and sang

till the river dried up in all places.

i speak, i speak

i speak  like the morning

waken from her dream.

What is that nonsense?

What is that sense?

i saw sense in nonsense and nonsense in sense.

And leaned where the sun ran

no longer welling up and out

I never quite know…

I speak, i speak

i speak like nature

I sang my mind out like tulips.

My sense runs everywhere.

Who is that nonsense?

Who is that sense?

You know it, because you are in it.

I speak, i speak,

I speak like a god

there’s a rose in my heart

and stink in the sink.

I’ve had enough

I can’t find my head.

but I  have learned to keep my two clay heads.

©ayo ayoola-amale  2015




by Ayo Ayoola

I sit alone for centuries in endless waters.

Yesterday earth and the heavens i can’t take with me.

Lost to night, lost to an extremely old night

i called the moon to join me.

The moon was always drunk.

Heaven and earth are gone and

half of the sun is trapped in the river’s tongue.

Yet, I have been a child bursting forth like volcano

I sit alone for centuries, neglected and self-neglecting.

I grew into understanding and misunderstanding.

Then I melted into the room but the sun keep singing.

The earth is heavy with this rhythm, again and again.

This ancient night keep falling bullets like autumn leaves

from the earth. My insanity known to one and everyone

in the rivers clear with a thousand tulips, my heart grow to the heavens.

Only to scatter like rain, but the sun keeps singing.

I sit alone for centuries

With my eyes swimming in darkness

between self and self.

They were inside me like flowers

they grew deep inside me and

sent my mind through thousands of miles

I was sure, i was unsure

This night has busted.

©ayo ayoola-amale  2015



by Ayo Ayoola

A dewdrop against the unseen rock is a sacred dust.

Where the clouds roar above a sunken ship

in mid sea or among the waves of the distant shore.

A wreck marks the end deep and dark,

woven of the warp and wail of mystery.

The eye of the soul is a narrow vale

between the cold and barren peaks of all dewdrops.

The voiceless lip speaks.

The moon fled like a scared bird,

The world ran like the wind,

The stars walked away

while the earth kept yawning.

 How deep the earth inhabits us?

She pulls her flock into the sky.

They passed to silence. A pathetic dust,  a sacred dust.

The voiceless lip speaks.

Time became nothing

 she was the center of all.

We can hear the rustle of her wings.

©ayo ayoola-amale  2015



by Ayo Ayoola

Harmony sticks to the whole

Harmony sticks to everything

where night doesn’t fall.

Life’s morning touches the sky where all souls are temples.

Where all souls’ music is jeweled with joy

all hearts are perfumed flowers touched beneath

a wilderness of humanness.

A vine and flower in sunshine where eager winds kiss every sail

Harmony sticks to the whole

Harmony sticks to everything

where night doesn’t fall.

The dawn rises from the violence of love,

the violence of brotherhood,

the violence that explodes storms

as the moon veiled her light

all minds fill the golden dawning.  All souls complete.

©ayo ayoola-amale  2015



by Ayo Ayoola

Let’s sing songs that sprout within the thunder of dancing hearts.

The dance everyone has picked up in the heart

with souls straddling the skies in beauty like the rainbow.

We heard harmony like spring sprung loud burning in every mind.

We stuck the seed within.

The fingers of brotherhood stuck in completeness of spirit.

The beauty in the character sings to the root.

We saw the vanished vile and guns

hauling down into ploughs and flooding light on earth.

We stuck the seed within.

©ayo ayoola-amale  2015

A poem for refugees – Global map of participant cities

More that 30 cities around the world have already joined the word poetry event “A Poem For Refugees” on 21 March 2016.

To see the exact locations, click on the interactive map or on the image below.

More details will follow, concerning the events organized in each city.

If you are interested in organizing a similar event in your city, you may contact Poets Circle in Greece at info @ poetscircle.gr.