by Ayo Ayoola

I sit alone for centuries in endless waters.

Yesterday earth and the heavens i can’t take with me.

Lost to night, lost to an extremely old night

i called the moon to join me.

The moon was always drunk.

Heaven and earth are gone and

half of the sun is trapped in the river’s tongue.

Yet, I have been a child bursting forth like volcano

I sit alone for centuries, neglected and self-neglecting.

I grew into understanding and misunderstanding.

Then I melted into the room but the sun keep singing.

The earth is heavy with this rhythm, again and again.

This ancient night keep falling bullets like autumn leaves

from the earth. My insanity known to one and everyone

in the rivers clear with a thousand tulips, my heart grow to the heavens.

Only to scatter like rain, but the sun keeps singing.

I sit alone for centuries

With my eyes swimming in darkness

between self and self.

They were inside me like flowers

they grew deep inside me and

sent my mind through thousands of miles

I was sure, i was unsure

This night has busted.

©ayo ayoola-amale  2015

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